Films through the post? Yes. Subscribers to the Lovefilm service rented the movies they wanted to see, which were delivered to them by post. However, Lovefilm’s owner, Amazon has decided to close the service on 31 October 2017.

Half-day closing

It used to be the case in the UK that shops closed for half a day in the middle of the week. What a lovely idea. Send all your staff home early for a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. A chance to recuperate from the gallimaufry of the retail world.

The round pound

This coming weekend (October 2017) sees the last days of legality in the UK for the round one-pound coin. Those of us who still haven’t recovered from our pounds disappearing as notes, this seems like dizzyingly rapid change. After all, it was only in 1983 that the round pound arrived, replacing those green pieces of paper.


Jukeboxes were essentially an automated music-playing device. What you would do (usually) is put a coin into the machine, then press some buttons with numbers and letters on them. You told the machine which song you wanted to hear, and it played it.


Their name was evocative of bright lights, bewitching dazzles of sparkle on tulle, glitter under the chandeliers as you drank your champagne. Items that were in short supply when these sweets were launched in 1948, the same year that George Orwell looked into the future and saw nothing but a grim dystopia.

Green Shield stamps

Green Shield stamps were a promotional scheme. When you bought something at a participating store, you were rewarded with a certain number of the green stamps. You stuck the stamps in little books. Each book contained 1,280 stamps. That’s a lot of licking.