Cafés. Remember them? It seems not so long ago that we could meet a friend for a coffee and a cake, or perk up a trip to the shops with a timely cup of tea… In fact, it was a week ago today that the UK government closed all sit-down dining venues, including restaurants, pubs,…

The spirit duplicator

Remember those fuzzy school handouts in purple? The ones that came with the complimentary side-effect of a hangover? Sadly gone. Geography lessons will never be the same.

A Debenhams near you

In January 2020, the UK lost a further 19 Debenhams department stores. More casualties of the British High Street crisis. So, should we put our mourning outfits on?

The astrolabe

Once a useful measuring instrument for finding out where you were at sea, perhaps the astrolabe can guide us when the opinion polls are all at sea.