Turkey twizzlers

Once a school lunchtime staple, the processed meat spirals passed into oblivion under the withering heat of Jamie Oliver’s stare. Some members of the public, however, believe they should return.


Once we had Interludes between the pieces of our live TV broadcasts. Nowadays, we no longer need them. Or maybe we still do…?

Adios, Avios?

There was a flurry of anxiety back in April, when people got the message that Avios were being abandoned. They aren’t. But now you have to get to them via BA.


When people kept coming in to the Shrewsbury branch of Maplin to ask the staff about the store’s closure, the staff had a quick response.

The Internet over your phone

Of course you have the Internet on your phone. (Well, you probably do. Although sales of dumb phones are on the rise, so maybe you don’t.) When we first had the Internet, we didn’t have the IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence specification (for which Wi-Fi is the cute trademark) paradise we have today. Wi-fi is the…