FP signs on sides of buildings

FP stands for Fire Plug (or sometimes Fire Point). Before we had modern fire hydrants, the fire brigade volunteers, in the event of a blaze, would dig down to the water main and bore a hole in it. Once the fire was out, the brigade would hammer a bung or “plug” into the mains pipe and backfill the hole. They left an FP mark on a nearby building, just in case…

The Yellow Pages

This month marks the gradual demise of the printed Yellow Pages. Will you keep your last edition as a souvenir copy? Or as a handy back-up for when the entire internet is down and you need a plumber?


Kellogg’s has announced it is discontinuing one of its breakfast cereals from January 2018. Bye bye, Ricicles!

8-track cartridges

Just another obsolete audio format? Or was the 8-track stereo cartridge part of the conspiracy to make us keep buying our music in different media over and over again?