The hitchhiker

They were once ubiquitous, normal, and accepted. Now, however, the hitchhiker really has vanished.



The BOAC logo is back. The airline that vanished in the 1970s recently touched down again at Heathrow.

Club 18-30

The last travellers on a Club 18-30 holiday have returned to the UK. The last banana boat has sailed for this once hugely popular holiday brand.

British Rail

It’s still there, on every one of the train tickets that you buy in the UK, in case you hadn’t noticed. The double-locking arrow of the logo that personified British Rail.

Adios, Avios?

There was a flurry of anxiety back in April, when people got the message that Avios were being abandoned. They aren’t. But now you have to get to them via BA.


Concorde was a supersonic British-French project in the sky, flown by Air France and British Airways. The plane flew at twice the speed of sound.