The Millennium Dome

It cost too much money. It ruined political careers. It was a monument to corporate sponsorship. Welcome to the queue.


Puppets without strings

Sock puppets are in the news this week. Not the Internet sort. The real sort.

Club 18-30

The last travellers on a Club 18-30 holiday have returned to the UK. The last banana boat has sailed for this once hugely popular holiday brand.


They were once a modern miracle. No longer did you have to have a pocketful of coins to make a phone call. Instead, you could reach for the magic card.


Every day in the UK, the Meteorological Office issues four weather forecasts for people in boats. Lots of people not in boats listen to the Shipping Forecast, too. So, when you propose changing it, the result is outcry.

Red star parcels

you could go to a train station in the UK, hand over a parcel, and it would arrive at another station the same day. Back in the 1980s, this was lightning speed.

Puppets with strings

When you were busy watching an International Rescue organisation save the world week after week, you could soon forget they were only puppets. Unless you saw the strings.