Television Beside Itself

Has BBC Television ever been more excited than when it began colour transmissions? Possibly not.


Sandwiches at birthday parties

Children’s birthday parties used to be simple. They involved sandwiches cut into fancy triangles. Now, they involve minefields.

Toys “R” Us

Hear that sound of slamming doors? It’s the final closure of all 100 Toys”R”Us stores in the UK. Around 3,000 people are losing their jobs.

£50 holiday money

Once, your holiday spending was limited to fifty pounds per person per year. That’s all you could take out of the country. Might be good for a couple of croissants but what about a fortnight in Finland?

Rag and bone men

They weren’t always men, but they did collect rags and bones. Yes, rags. Yes, bones. There was a use for everything, once. Perhaps we need to remember that.

Charles Darwin on paper

Britain’s bonfire of the banknotes continues. Our old £10 notes featuring Charles Darwin have been gradually replaced by ones featuring Jane Austen since September 2017. From today, shops are entitled to refuse to take the Charles Darwin.