Extremely mouldy cheeses


The first new cheese for two hundred years, they announced. Didn’t last quite as long as that.

Empty supermarket shelves


You will still be able to buy the truffles and the toffee and the strawberry dreams. Just not on the High Street.

Tear-and-share focaccia, dips and olives


Cafés. Remember them? Not so long ago that we could meet a friend for a coffee and a cake, or perk up a trip to the shops with a timely cup of tea… In fact, it was a week ago today that the UK government closed all sit-down dining venues, including restaurants, pubs, clubs and…

White eggs

In the UK, our breakfast eggs are brown. In the US, they’re white. Is there any actual reason for this?

Turkey twizzlers

Once a school lunchtime staple, the processed meat spirals passed into oblivion under the withering heat of Jamie Oliver’s stare. Some members of the public, however, believe they should return.