See that December 2017 edition of Glamour magazine that’s currently on your local retailer’s shelves? It’s the last monthly issue you’ll ever see in the UK.

Pears’ Cyclopaedia

This week, publisher Penguin Random House confirmed that the 2017-18 edition of the Pears’ Cyclopaedia, which came out on Thursday, will be the last. Indeed, its cover boldly proclaims: The Final Edition. So, not The Final Frontier, then.

A booklet

What do you need to do when mutually assured destruction is heading your way? Build a fallout room. Fill the bath with water. Fire-proof everything. So what did the British government do? Send us a booklet.

Due-date stamps

Those little inky numbers have just about evaporated. Back in the day, the librarian would solemnly imprint the piece of paper stuck in the front of your library book with a date stamp when you borrowed that book. This stamp told you when you when you had to return the book to the library.