The Internet over your phone

Of course you have the Internet on your phone. (Well, you probably do. Although sales of dumb phones are on the rise, so maybe you don’t.) Once, though, your landline was your essential entry point to the online world.

FP signs on sides of buildings

FP stands for Fire Plug (or sometimes Fire Point). Before we had modern fire hydrants, the fire brigade volunteers, in the event of a blaze, would dig down to the water main and bore a hole in it. Once the fire was out, the brigade would hammer a bung or “plug” into the mains pipe and backfill the hole. They left an FP mark on a nearby building, just in case…

The Yellow Pages

This month marks the gradual demise of the printed Yellow Pages. Will you keep your last edition as a souvenir copy? Or as a handy back-up for when the entire internet is down and you need a plumber?