Handwritten letters

It’s about this time of year — Christmas — that one of these rare beasts might be spotted. Someone has sent you a Christmas card and they have perhaps added three or four lines of actual handwriting. Actual handwriting!

Of course, it’s possible they have printed out one of those round-robin letters that fill you in on the details over their lives over the past year that you have unaccountably missed. (Partly because you haven’t spoken to them for the past year.) It’s also entirely possible that they’ve just scribbled their warmest wishes for the season and been done with it.

Somehow words have more meaning when they have been formed by hand rather than keyboard. Someone, somewhere, has sat down and written a message intended for you and you alone. They have given you a piece of their time and their attention. They have gone to the trouble of looking up your address, buying a stamp, and popping the missive in the postbox. Written words have something that email, texting and Skype conversations can’t conjure up: magic.

I hope that this year someone has sent you a handwritten letter, note or card of your own. I hope you have your own piece of magic.


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