Kellogg’s has announced it is discontinuing its breakfast cereal Ricicles from January 2018. (I won’t make the cereal killer joke because everyone else already has.)

Kellogg’s is banishing the sweet stuff, it says, as part of its commitment to reducing the amount of sugar in its cereals, and therefore to offer customers a breakfast that’s slightly healthier. Starting your day with a bowl of something that’s mainly sugar isn’t the best way to tackle the nation’s obesity. (And the UK has the worst rates in Europe for that.) (PDF) Worrying, even if you imbibe nostalgia with every spoonful.

I’d guess, however, that part of the reason Kellogg’s are discontinuing the sugary rice puffs is that they just aren’t selling so much any more.

But their vanishing leaves us with a burning question: What will go in the variety packs instead? Ricicles often feature in that multi-pack selection of small boxes of cereal you buy when your family comes to stay and you don’t know what any of them might currently eat for breakfast. Kale? Organic eggs? What I do know is, in my house, nobody ever eats the brown cardboard-like Shreddies. They’re the sad leftovers. But the Ricicles always disappear. And now they’re disappearing for good.

If you’ll go into withdrawal without your Ricicle fix, or mourn the loss of the taste of childhood, just try sprinkling some sugar on Rice Krispies. Twicicles as nicicles!


One thought on “Ricicles

  1. I never really understood the difference between Ricicles and Rice Krispies except that the latter went — and probably still do — snap, crackle, pop.


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