Online in print

Not so very long ago, the Guardian, in common with many other UK newspapers, used to have a little section called “Online”. As if what happened on the web had to be carefully shepherded into its own play-pen in case it didn’t play nicely with the other sections.

Everything can be online now, so the web no longer merits its own special section out there in the real world. I no longer buy a newspaper to read about what is happening “online”. I just go there.

When print ends and online takes over, will there be a small corner of the web marked “Print“? We could gather there and discuss how useful newspapers used to be. You could read a news story on the Monday, bring a shine to shoe leather with the back pages on Tuesday, use the sports section as packing for a parcel on Wednesday, write a shopping list in the margins on Thursday, and wrap your fish and chips in the remaining pages on Friday.

The web may be versatile, we’ll say as we sip our virtual cups of tea, but newspapers really knew how to multi-task.

The "online" heading for a newspaper section

One thought on “Online in print

  1. The idea that you’d have a print section about the online section is … a bit weird, now, when the world (almost) is online first.


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